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Leading Innovative Change through Mindful Caring

I have spent the last 20 years working in various areas of the healthcare, NPO and academic sectors. My positions have involved strategic leadership, consulting, coaching, and training and development at various organisational levels. I have completed an MPhil and a PhD. Through my work and research experience, I have gained the ability to engage people and tasks in a way that is pro-active, practical, flexible, inventive and creative. I will readily approach challenges with a view to identify opportunities for growth and development. My approach to my work and the people I work with is mindful, person-centred and holistic. I provide individual coaching and counseling as well as workshops and team structured interventions . My approach is heavily influenced by my work in palliative care - it is holistic and client centered and I weave the principles of mindfulness, positive psychology and blended learning into my workshops and work with individual clients and teams. I support my clients to initiate and sustain changes and shifts to improve their wellbeing and life fulfillment or come to terms with and make the most of unexpected, unpleasant or catastrophic changes or life events . I am passionate about supporting post-grad researchers and as such, I wrote and published a supportive booklet for people engaged in research projects and thesis write-up. The booklet is titled De-Stress Your Dissertation – A Mindful Approach to Mediating the Rigours of Post-Grad Research and can be found on amazon or on my website.
Do you have the patience to sit still and let the mud settle and the waters clear? Can you remain unmoving 'till the right action arises by itself? -Lao Tzu

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