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I have worked in the healthcare and NGO industries for two decades and have experience with professional and organisational development.

I have a masters' degree in palliative care with a special focus on the professional development of patient-care managers and I am currently registered for a research PhD (Psychology) at Rhodes University. My dissertation is titled Applied Mindfulness in Practice: Developing and evaluating a mindfulness-based wellness programme set within a coaching psychology framework. This research intends to establish a holistic and person-centred approach to address stress and burnout in healthcare professionals. I support and strengthen professional and lay care providers to develop strategies to cope with the rigours of care work and to be better care providers. Research has shown that mindfulness training is very effective in developing resilience and in providing practitioners with the presence and compassion to be better carers and I incorporate mindfulness principles into my wellness coaching and workshops.
Do you have the patience to sit still and let the mud settle and the waters clear? Can you remain unmoving 'till the right action arises by itself? -Lao Tzu

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