Attentive Amelioration: Mindful Practice as an Approach to Holistic Person-Centred Wellness

This experiential retreat-style workshop, based on a PhD study, introduces basic mindful practice elements and demonstrates how they can be used to create and sustain well-being. It will show you how to make a shift to a more balanced and centered way of life.

The workshop can be facilitated for work teams and groups at an external venue or at your place of work. Logistics and fees will be negotiated on an ad hock basis.



Living Compassion

Recently there has been a lot of research into the effects of compassion on our ability to cope and there is significant evidence that one of the keys to successfully managing our everyday lives and to living more productive and fulfilling lives is the ability to feel and show compassion to ourselves and to those around us. There is also evidence that compassion can be cultivated and learned; Emory University in the US has put together a course called cognitive-based compassion training which has had very good results.

This workshop  introduces compassion as a resilience strategy for everyday life and provides participants with the tools to identify and utilize resources to enhance resilience and increased capacity for compassionate living. The course material is based on the Emory University premise and draws on work from Kristin Neff, Sharon Saltzberg, Paul Gilbert, Karen Armstrong and The Dalai Lama.


 It’s all about balance

In our busy lives, it is easy to get rushed and overwhelmed. This workshop provides participants with insight into the importance of creating  and maintaining balance. Participants will have the opportunity to identify imbalances in their own lives and  put together a tailored strategy to create a sustainable plan to restore balance.




Tailored Workshops…

Workshops related to mindfulness, resilience, compassion and patient-centredness can be tailored to suit your team or company’s needs.

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